Please read through our FAQ before visiting Gold Fork Hot Springs.
What are the pool policies?
  • No alcohol is allowed
  • Clothing is required
  • Outside food is allowed
  • Trash is pack in pack out
  • No smoking facility
  • No smoking past gates
  • We reserve the right to ask you to leave
Can I go with my family/friends and just watch?
Regular Admission Rates Apply to All Guests.
Do you require reservations?
No reservations are required.
What is your lost and found policy?
We keep any clothing left at the pools for 7 days, after which they are donated to the Idaho Youth Ranch. We do not ship clothing.
What are the road conditions like?
The road from the highway to the springs is dirt and the condition varies with the season. In winter months all wheel drive is strongly recommended. See Valley County's website for road maintenance and snow removal information.
What are the pools like? What temperature are the pools?
We have six pools formed by natural rock formations in a flow through system. Temperatures range from 85-110°F. There is a sandy pool for children.
Can I bring a group?
Large groups are discouraged.
Are there any discounts?
We do not offer any discounts.